How to Choose the Right Contractor

How to Choose the Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor can be one of the biggest challenges when it comes to updating a home. Many people have heard of contractors taking payment before the job has started, then leaving the job unfinished or faulty workmanship. However, when look for a contractor, there are a few things to look out for to reduce the risk of running into problems.


One characteristic a contractor should have is that they are always on time. When they come to your home for an estimate, they should at least arrive on time or a few minutes early. When you call and leave a message; they should not take too long to return your call. This will show how dedicated they are to the job and whether they respect their client’s time.

Before Hiring a Contractor


When picking a contractor, have several contractors give you an estimate. Choose a contractor that quotes you a fair market value. Contractors that charge low prices that are too good to be true, should be avoided, since they may not be honest or dependable. Paying high above market value does not insure you from faulty contractors. Also, find a contractor that will help you make updates without blowing the budget. This will show you how dedicated they are and whether they are just after the money.


Another thing to watch out for, are contractors that require you to pay the entire amount up front before the job begins or even on the first day. This is a red flag. Instead, the contractor should set up a payment plan so that you paid in increments as the job gets done. This prevents you from losing a hefty sum of money, in case the contractor walks away from the job.

Licenses and Certifications

Ensure that the contractor you choose has the required licenses and certifications that your area specifies. Check out your local government website and see what licenses are required and make sure the contractor meets the requirements.

Rating and Reputation

Check out several different websites on ratings for the contractor you would like to go with. See what various people have to say. Always choose contractors that have a good reputation. If possible, meet with the contractor’s former clients to see what they have to say and whether they would recommend the contractor. Also meeting with past clients would allow to you to see what kind of workmanship e contractor has.

Everything in Writing

Once you choose the right contractor, make sure the contract is in writing. This prevents any type of confusion and serves as protection in case you need to go to court. Contractors that are willing to putting everything in writing and sign the documents are more likely to stick to the contract versus leaving the job.

Choosing the Right Contractor


This is important for any type of business. Contractors should have the proper insurance as stated in the local and state requirements. Some forms of insurance include workers compensation and liability insurance. Having the proper insurance will keep both you and the contractor from suffering from unnecessary financial burdens.

Before Hiring a Contractor

Finding the right contractor may be a bit of a complicated process, however evaluating whether they meet the above criteria is important for choosing the right contractor and reducing the chance of using a faulty one. Don’t be afraid to ask for their license number, certifications, and proofs of insurance. Remember, if you have any type of concerns or questions, always discuss them right away with your contractor; do not wait till the last minute.