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Which Type of Roof Will Keep the Room Cooler?

If you leave in a hot climate or a region where summer is very hot, then you know how uncomfortable it can be inside your house. In that case, the choice of your roof can determine how hot or cold it gets indoors. So, which type of roof will keep the room cooler? Of course, your home cooling systems will also play a role but roofs have a bigger say.

This is the right question to the right post. Here you will learn about various roofing materials. You will also know about their reflectivity power. In the end, you will be able to make a decision on the type of roof that will keep your room cooler even during the sweltering heat of summer. Generally, it is all about making your home cozy at any weather.

Roof Types that Keep Your Room Cool

Did you know that a dark roof can heat up to as high as 180 degree Fahrenheit even on a windless and mildly hot day? Imagine what it becomes during the hottest day in summer. Of course that means dark roofs are the last thing you should be thinking of using if you live in a hot climate.

Light-Colored Roof
Bright Color Roof to Keep Temperatures Low

White roofs are the answer to keeping your house cool in hot climates. They can reflect most of the sun heat and keep everything cool and comfortable from the inside. Experts argue that a combination of white and flat roofs can eliminate heat from your rooms entirely. They are equally great at keeping temperatures within comfortable levels during the extremely cold seasons as they do not allow heat to escape.

The tip when choosing roofs for hot climates is finding the ones with highest solar reflectance rates. Smooth and white roofs are the best choices you could ever make. These roofs can reflect up to 80% of the solar heat. That means only a mere 20% of the heat has real chances of reaching to you. But the only downside of white roofs is that they get dirty over time. This can decline their solar reflectance index to 50%. Such is not a bad rate as you will still be able to live in your house without much heat making way into the rooms. Actually, getting the right roof for your home is equally important to knowing the correct way to clean your carpet and organizing your home interior.

Your Options to Keep Your Rooms Cool in Hot Climates

Sloping Concrete Tile Roof
Concrete Tile Roof

Your type of roof will play the biggest role in keeping your room cool. Another thing that should be at the back of your mind is how extensive your reroofing project is. For flat or mildly sloping roofs, white roofing materials will seal the deal for you. For slopping roofs, shingles will be the best choice. They will not only offer better reflection of heat, but also add aesthetics to your roof. However, asphalt shingles are not easily available. You may have to settle for their alternatives such as concrete and clay tiles. In other instances, you can go for curved wood or tiles that will increase the level of air circulation and in turn tame the heat.

What you should be on the lookout for are reflective roofs to beat the heat. They will both reflect most of the heat and last longer.  That now answers the question about which type of roof will keep the room cooler. You will have to stay away from dark roofs as they absorb most of the heat and your rooms will be extremely hot.